Grocery Challenge - Week 3 Begins

The absolute worst part of this challenge to date: Running low on eggs.

On Sunday, we learned that we go through more than 18 eggs a week. We usually have two cartons of 18 eggs on hand, but I didn't realize just how many we ate each week until we cut back to picking up one carton each week for the challenge. Apparently, we go through about twenty to two dozen eggs each week. Wow.

Of course, it doesn't help that we've used/will use a bit more than half a dozen eggs just today making crepes and omelets and fresh pasta. That's not really a normal day but it sure contributes to our not having enough eggs until shopping day.

I'm hoping to keep chickens once we become homeowners, I wonder if we can get away with just a half dozen chickens? I would really hate buying eggs if we have laying hens.

Sunday, Independence Day Breakfast: 10-grain pancakes, pear and pea-sausage omelet Lunch: Savory crepes stuffed with refried beans, fried onions, cheese, chiles and enchilada sauce Dinner: Fresh pasta with leeks, walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes