A Rare Saturday Post

Thick & Fluffy Tortillas

Remember my post about Tequila Lime Chicken Tacos? I made fluffy tortillas from scratch (and oooh, were they ever good!) based on a recipe from one of my favorite bloggers: Suzanne McMinn of Chickens in the Road. (She has a lot of really good recipes, including one for what she calls "Grandmother Bread" that's an easy bread recipe that is in my pile of recipes to make.)

Because I really enjoy her writing, her posts and her photos, I've been voting every day for her to win an extremely cushy blogging spot at SAM-E. I can't believe they're willing to pay out so much and from what she's said, it would be huge for her if she won the position. (She's a struggling single mom, but somehow manages to stay cheerful. I'm sure Clover helps!) She was top in the first round, but now the second, final round is underway and it's close. Really close. I think she could use some extra help and I hope you will vote for her too.

So, if you feel like helping, she could use your vote. Watch her video and vote for her, won't you? You can vote once per day until December 17th.

Thank you!