A few weeks ago, we saw a container of soy butter that looked intriguing but the price was exorbitant. It's pretty easy to make nut butters if you have a food processor, so we figured we'd look around for a recipe before spending the cash. Turns out, we had everything already in the pantry! We like toasted soy nuts and sunflower seeds on our salads, so we always have some on hand. They're pretty cheap anyway - $1/lb for the soy nuts and not much more for the seeds. Literally, this is so easy that all you need to be able to do is work a food processor and you can have some damn good butter in a few minutes. Use it anywhere you would use any nut butter - sandwiches, sauces, etc. It'd probably make a mean cookie! Unlike many butters, there's no need to add extra oil to this one. Just remember to take it out of the fridge a few minutes before you need it to make it easier to spread.

Soy-Sunflower Butter [printable recipe]

Put the nuts and seeds into the bowl of a food processor and pulse until it comes together into a ball. Add water to thin gradually until it becomes a paste. Taste it, add salt if necessary, add more water if you want it thinner, whack it about more for a smoother consistency. Scoop it into a air-tight container and refrigerate until needed.