Black Soybean, Sesame and Rice Milk

makes about 1 to 1.2 liters, depending on machine

Soak soybeans for 8 hours. Rinse the rice and sesame seeds in a fine sieve (so the seeds don't escape). Drain the soybeans well. Combine all three in the base of your soymilk maker. Add water until it comes up to the marking indicated for soy milk. Use the setting for Soy+ if you have it, Soy if not. When the maker finishes, strain the resulting liquid through a fine sieve to separate out the okara2 and pulp.


  1. Your maker's capacity may vary. This is sized for my 1.5 l capacity SoyaPower Plus. If your maker is smaller, reduce the ingredients as needed, but keep the ratio the same: 2:2:1.
  2. This okara isn't very reusable so we discarded it but normal okara from straight soy milk doesn't need to be discarded. It can be used in lots of different ways, though if you make a lot of soy milk, you can quickly get overwhelmed. We like to add it to foccacia dough, any kind of ground meat, casseroles and sauces. Use it at your own discretion.

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