Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Makes approximately 8 rolls

While you prepare vegetables, get a pot of water boiling. Add the bean thread noodles and cook for 5 - 6 minutes or until al dente. Drain, rinse with cold water and set aside.

Combine mint, cilantro and basil in a small bowl. Have the rest of the ingredients ready in separate bowls on your worksurface. Set out a large dish full of warm water for the rice paper sheets. Working with one sheet at a time and dry hands, take one sheet and soak it in the dish. After a minute or two, it will be very soft and flexible - much like plastic wrap. Remove it and carefully lay it out flat on your surface.

Along the lower third, mound your ingredients in a little log, leaving about 1" on the left, right and bottom for folding. Put a couple strips of chicken or tofu, a small amount of noodles, then add strips of cucumber, carrot and cabbage. Sprinkle over a healthy tablespoon of chopped herbs.

If you want, drizzle over a teaspoon or two of hoisin dipping sauce. Stretch the bottom of the wrapper up and over the veggies, then fold in the sides. Roll the log up towards the top and seal. These wrappers are very stretchy and will stick nicely/frustratingly to itself, so don't worry too much about tearing.

Cut in half with a bias cut and serve without delay with the (remaining) dipping sauce.

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