Nam Manglak - Thai Basil Seed Drink

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Add a Mix-in or Two:

Top off with:

Make the basil base: Combine sugar and honey with hot water, stirring to dissolve. Add seeds, stirring in well so all of the seeds are soaked. Chill for a few hours until cold.

Mixing a drink: Fill five glasses halfway with crushed ice. Add about 125 ml of the seed base to each, along with a tablespoon of your favorite mix-in. Top off the glasses with sparkling water, club soda, milk or other liquid. Add straws and enjoy.


  1. So far, I prefer mixing mine with club soda, half & half, plus a bit of flavored syrup (an italian soda). I really want to try one with rum and coconut milk which seems like it would be very good. Thai iced tea is another drink I'd like to try adding these to as well.
  2. Basil seeds are available at asian groceries in little 2oz - 4oz packets.
  3. If you try making this, please do not use seed packets intended for planting unless you can verify there are no added chemicals or fertilizers.

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