Tequila Lime Chicken

Most of the work here is in the marinade. After that, it's just frying it up and shredding it. Or, leave the breasts whole and drizzle the Roasted Tomatillo Salsa over them.

Serves 2 - 3 if shredded. Marinade will accommodate 2 whole boneless breasts.


Combine marinade ingredients in a ziptop baggie and mix well before adding the chicken breast. Refrigerate for several hours or up to 2 days, flipping every 12 hours.

When ready to cook, remove chicken and discard marinade. Over moderate heat, saute chicken until golden brown.

If using for tacos: Remove and shred with either your fingers or two forks.

A recipe from http://kitchenmouse.rozentali.com/2009/10/tequila-lime-chicken-tacos/

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