Veggie Burgers

Adapted from "Morgan's Veggie Patties" by Guy Fieri, Food Network
Makes 8 1/4 lb patties

Over moderate heat, saute raw vegetables (not beans) in 1 oz olive oil until browned on the edges.

In a large bowl, mix cooked veggies with beans and spices. Add in dry ingredients and egg, mixing thoroughly. Form into patties and chill for 30 minutes before cooking. Patties can be wrapped in plastic and frozen too, just defrost them in the fridge first.

To cook, add an ounce of olive oil and fry patties for 2 - 3 minutes per side.

My favorite way to serve these: Top with a generous sprinkling of crumbled feta or chevre and sliced red onion, place on a toasted foccacia or ciabatta bun with a schmear of garlic sauce or garlic aioli.


  1. I'm always varying the beans I use for this recipe. If I have enough beans from the pot I cooked up earlier in the week, I often use those. Otherwise, I pick out whatever looks good in cans at the store -- you can't go wrong, really.
  2. If you want to use dried beans, use 1 1/2 cups total of dried beans.

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