I've been using Evernote for a while now to save all the great recipes I come across as I browse the web. Sometimes that's challenging because clipping often grabs everything else on the page too and I wind up carefully selecting the text I want to clip rather than saving full web pages. Now, every post of mine has a Clip icon (see the little green elephant at the bottom?) that will allow you to grab just that post. You can even see all the posts you've snagged from here when you click to Clip in the little box that pops up so you can save your Clip to any of your notebooks, assign tags and add a note for yourself. Really convenient, I think. If you're not a member of Evernote, no worries! You can create a basic, free account* in seconds when you Clip. You can clip just about anything and access it almost anywhere. I scan a lot of recipes from magazines because Evernote will OCR the images and make them searchable. I hope you find this as useful as I do! * Full disclosure: If you sign up later for a premium account, I do receive a small bonus.