We're almost through this challenge and this is the final week. I hope you're enjoying this series! Next week, I'll return to my normal recipe posts but it's been nice to talk a little about shopping frugally and menus. However, I won't be able to write very much this week because my senior project is so very close to being done that I'm devoting almost all of my writing energies towards it. Let's put it this way, I hope to hand it in for review by Tuesday! It won't be done on Tuesday, of course, as I'll probably have revisions to make before it's finally complete, but I'm hoping to have my project fully completed and graded by one week from tomorrow. So, I'll post a little bit when we go shopping and when the challenge ends. Otherwise, I'll be taking the week off to focus on my project. I can't believe I'm one week away from finishing my bachelor's!! I've got some great recipes to share when this is all over though! I'm looking forward to it and I hope you will too. ... We need to make more Veggie Bouillon this week and we kept completely spacing the celery we needed for it until last night when I walked into the produce section at Walmart while grocery shopping with my dad and suddenly remembered. Luckily, we had just enough for $1 bag of celery (it being on sale helped). We Spent: $1.03 Remaining Budget: $0.85 Yay! We managed to come in just under the wire again. Just one more week to go, but we've already decided to switch our food budget to something similar more permanently because it's really helped us curb our impulse buys. (But I think $50 is a little too low - maybe $60 per week instead.) Menus for the past several days: Wednesday Breakfast: Buckwheat Rauga Pankūkas (yeast pancakes from Beard on Bread), pear Lunch: Tortellini with peanut-curry sauce, salad Dinner: Kāpostu tīteņi (cabbage meatballs), baked potatoes and spinach salad Thursday Breakfast: Dutch baby, turkey bacon and a pear Lunch: Leftover kāpostu tīteņi over leftover rice Dinner: Chicken-Bacon-Mushroom pizza (made with whole wheat bread dough, based on an idea in Beard on Bread) and spinach salad Friday Breakfast: Fried egg, turkey bacon, biezputra (hot cereal made from oats and wheat flakes), cantaloupe Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on homemade wheat bread Dinner: Verdolaga Sauce over Achiote Frijoles Recado with Flour-Corn Tortillas (from Chickens in the Road) Saturday Breakfast: Homemade wheat bread, sausage patty, fried egg, cantaloupe Lunch: Ramen Salad with TVP Dinner: Jim's Family Restaurant with Dad - California burger for me, fish & chips for Artis, water