We spent a little last night on a late-night run to Walmart to buy some baking powder. I don't think I've ever run out of baking powder before! And since it expires, I probably should have replaced it a while ago. We've Spent: $0.80 Budget Left: $49.20 Yesterday, we also used up the last of our frozen strawberries. Since strawberries are in season, it's cheaper to get fresh and freeze them instead of buying a bag pre-frozen. Winco has had a good price on large flats of strawberries the last few weeks, so I'll try to pick some up this week to freeze for later. Meals:

I have to say, my husband made his first free-form bread loaf today, along with two hot dog buns, using a recipe from Beard on Bread. They came out deliciously if not photogenically and I think we won't be buying hot dog buns any more.