Harvest This is some of what my mother-in-law grew in her garden and harvested last week. Basket of Tomatoes I wish I was there to enjoy the fresh veggies and fruit, to visit with family (even if my Latvian is not very good) and to see Latvia and Liepāja in the summer. Rudbekijas (Black-eyed Susans) Even though it's a very pretty country in the fall and winter, I'm told that it's beautiful in the summer. When I was there last October, I was lucky enough to be able to see the fall colors as Latvia showed off. Near Jaunpils Pils But I still miss being there, and wonder what it's like in the summer. My husband, whose hobby is photography, has shown me Latvia through his eyes. Yet, it's no comparison to being there, munching on fresh veggies just picked from the garden out back, laughing and talking with family. Harvest Mammu, Tēti, liels paldies par bildēm! (Photos of veggies and flowers courtesy of my in-laws.)