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(English) Chocolate-Vanilla Dairy-Free Ice Cream Goodness

Tulkojums nav pieejams. Pašlaik nav iespējams iztulkot visas receptes, taču ja tevi interesē šī recepte pievieno komentāru un es centīšos to drīzumā iztulkot.…

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Making Mint Extract and Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

We finished off a little glass bottle of almond extract a few months ago and looked at the tiny bottle critically, trying to decide if it would be useful to re-purpose it.

As it happened, we had a scant bit of silver rum left, too little for a set of drinks but too much for most recipes. Our chocolate mint plant was doing great, sending out lots of little shoots ecstatically seeking the sun.

Put everything together and you get homemade chocolate-mint extract!

We took a small jar, stuffed it about half-full with clean mint leaves, then

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