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Poppy Filled Ring Roll… or something.

Poppy-filled ring loaf

My husband has really taken to baking. He loves it! I’m happy that I was able to introduce him to something he really enjoys and if our area had a baking class, I’d probably get him a term as a birthday present. Sadly, the only ones I’ve found are the community college campus that is almost an hour away, so that will have to wait.

He’s been in a super-baking mood lately, making all sorts of things out of his favorite…

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Salsa Verde

The harvest is winding down but some veggies besides squash are still showing up on our farmer’s market stand in spades. Notably for the past week or so: tomatillos in green, white and purple!

I picked some up last week and then bought four pounds this week to put up for the winter. I’ll probably continue to buy pounds of them until they’re out of season.. which could be as early as tomorrow. It all depends on frost.

This is what I’m turning them into: a mild, rich salsa verde. I used a jalapeno in one batch and…

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Making Mint Extract and Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

I hope you all had a lovely weekend last week. It was Labor Day weekend and we spent it laboring over our truck which needed several repairs to stay safely on the road.

We finished off a little glass bottle of almond extract a few months ago and looked at the tiny bottle critically, trying to decide if it would be useful to re-purpose it.

As it happened, we had a scant bit of silver rum left, too…

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Deconstructed Tortilla Salad

Deconstructed Tortilla Salad

Mangoes are in season now and we’ve been getting a bunch of them for great prices lately. We also lucked into a fresh, ripe pineapple so I decided to try making a fruit-based salsa. It came out beautifully!

It’s hard to believe when a salsa I create from scratch comes out so nicely that just a couple of years ago I couldn’t make a salsa if my life depended on it.

So, we decided to make a bunch of different…

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Tortilla Chips, Tostadas and Taco Shells

Homemade Tortilla Chips and Citrusy Black Beans

Last time, I talked about Flour-Corn Tortillas. Once we made those for the first time, it was only a small step to thinking about making our own chips and taco shells. Turns out it’s really easy (but probably not a great summertime recipe since it uses the oven and heats up the kitchen).

The neat thing about doing your own taco shells is that you can do the same thing as with…

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Flour-Corn Tortillas

We’ve tried making corn tortillas at home but it’s really, really hard. Oh sure, the recipe itself is easy – it’s no trouble at all to get a good dough going. The problem, however, is when you try to press them in the tortilla press (which we splurged on when it went on sale at the local Hispanic market). They stick or they crack and on the rare occasion when they don’t do either, they wait and do it in the pan. Or on the plate.

Frustrating. I know it can be done, but I think there’s a lot…

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Baked Plantains and Burro Bananas

This recipe is one I decided to try on a whim with some black plantains we’d picked up on special. If you pick out green plantains at the store, you can let them ripen on the counter, but be careful of letting them go too far — if mold develops, you probably need to use them without delay. (The peels are very very thick so a little bit of mold on the surface isn’t a big deal. Just wash it well before you peel it.)

I didn’t like Bittman’s original way of cooking this dessert (which involves cutting slits…

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