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Slow Cooker Chili

I promise it won’t be all slow cookers all the time, but I do have this nifty new toy. :D We’re working on adapting some of our favorite Latvian recipes to it, like plovs and šķovēti kāposti, which we think are very well-suited. (The plovs was made to my father-in-law’s recipe, which is braised in a sealed roasting pan in the oven. It worked well but there’s still some testing to do before I write the final recipe.)

One thing I really wanted to do with our new slow cooker was make a real chili. I’ve tried before on…

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Stuffed Zucchini

Stuffed Zucchini

Boy, you can get some HUGE zucchinis locally. I tried to grow two plants but the bugs ate my seedlings. :( Luckily, even monsters like the one I bought only cost 50c at the market.

The huge zucchinis are nowhere near as tender as the little 6″ – 8″ guys you find at most grocery stores. So, while they’re good to fry up (they take a while), they’re really good to stuff and bake. You definitely get your veggies out of this one…

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Buffalo Burgers

Ahh, summer. It’s too hot to cook inside, especially here, but from what I’ve been hearing, it’s hot just about everywhere. Even our family in Latvia have been hit by some major heat. Me, I’ll be glad when it’s the end of September and temperatures return to something I can deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Still, despite the heat, July is a busy month if you live in Utah. Not only does Utah celebrate Independence Day like the rest of America, but there’s also another excuse for a cookout – Pioneer Day on the 24th. It’s basically the…

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Meatloaf with a Twist

Meatloaf is a quintessentially American dish. It’s meaty, unpretentious and satisfying. It’s also good the next day for sandwiches. A few weeks ago, when I made this, the weather was more “tail-end of winter” than “almost-summer”, with consistent overnight freezing temperatures, rain and snow in the afternoon and generally miserable.

However, meatloaf involves, well, a lot of meat. The average recipe I came across used between 4 and 5 pounds of the stuff in varying proportions. We had come across TVP (texturized vegetable protein) at Winco and wanted to try it out. Supposedly, if you soaked it in stock

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From Scratch: Breakfast Sausage Patties

A Rozentāli Breakfast

Don’t these look delicious? This is one of the breakfasts my husband makes for me on a regular basis! An omelet, two slices of English Muffin Bread and a homemade sausage patty! On Monday, I’ll share the English Muffin Bread recipe.

This is one my husband makes and it is so good, I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner. The impetus for it was reading the sausage section in Ruhlman’s book, Ratio.

So, we picked up a bone-in pork roast on sale with a fair amount of fat and tried again. Yes, Ruhlman is right. 20% fat is about right, it creates a yummy sausage with good texture, juicy flavor and just enough fat to fry itself up. I would caution you against skipping or reducing the minimum hour of marinating; it’s absolutely essential (thanks Alton!) and produces the best flavor.

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Creamy Egg & Lemon Soup with Meatballs

In honor of feeling generally bad all day and wishing for a good soup I didn’t have to cook or fight with the microwave to defrost, I’ll share with you a recipe I made last week. It’s a take on a classic Greek avgolemono soup with tiny, fluffy meatballs that soak up the deliciousness and explode on your tongue like concentrated stars.

The original called for lamb and I agree – ground lamb here would be divine. But it’s expensive and hard to get in my town unless I get lucky with the sales, so I used some leftover ground pork which turned out to be delicious. Often avgolemono soups are not very good reheated the next day but this one was pretty good albeit without the wonderful mouthfeel of the original.

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Spicy Pepperoni Sausage

Spicy Pepperoni Sausage

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that this is NOT an authentic pepperoni sausage. Real pepperoni is raw, not cooked; it’s fermented, cured and dried over the course of weeks. I do not have the facilities to do this nor the desire. I just want something that’s easy, spicy and tastes reasonably like pepperoni.

This is that pepperoni.

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