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Chocolate-Vanilla Dairy-Free Ice Cream Goodness

Chocolate-Vanilla Soy Ice Cream

Boy, I bet you’re surprised to see this show up in your feedreader, those of you who still have this little blog saved off. :) (There’ll be more in the future, things are looking up on the food and writing fronts!) Today, I’m posting something special for a very special friend of mine and my husband’s.

You see, she’s had a rough go of it these past few years, having had to go gluten-free and dairy-free. Giving up all of…

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On Peaches and Problems

Not every recipe will be successful.

This one was saved by the peaches and the vanilla that managed to bring it through even despite the problems. I don’t often talk about failures here, part because failures are only interesting to read for so long and part because I like to put recipes up that work, that I love and want to enjoy again with friends. But, I made a promise that I would talk about what happened to those peaches and this is that story.

A friend of a friend offered me some peaches from her mini-orchard of…

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Making Mint Extract and Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

I hope you all had a lovely weekend last week. It was Labor Day weekend and we spent it laboring over our truck which needed several repairs to stay safely on the road.

We finished off a little glass bottle of almond extract a few months ago and looked at the tiny bottle critically, trying to decide if it would be useful to re-purpose it.

As it happened, we had a scant bit of silver rum left, too…

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Baked Plantains and Burro Bananas

This recipe is one I decided to try on a whim with some black plantains we’d picked up on special. If you pick out green plantains at the store, you can let them ripen on the counter, but be careful of letting them go too far — if mold develops, you probably need to use them without delay. (The peels are very very thick so a little bit of mold on the surface isn’t a big deal. Just wash it well before you peel it.)

I didn’t like Bittman’s original way of cooking this dessert (which involves cutting slits…

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Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble

Strawberry & Rhubarb Crumble

I thought this came out beautifully. I used a combination of whole-grain flours and added cardamom, which boosted the flavor considerably. I love crumbles for their simplicity – toss fruit with sugar, top with a mixture of flour, oats and more sugar. However, to cut down on at least some of the sugar, I used one of the stevia-sugar products, Sun Crystals, to acquire the same sweetness without as many calories. Now if only there was such a thing for brown sugar!

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Pecan Pie

Bakerella's Mama's Pecan Pie

This one from Bakerella we can both agree on. It’s easy and doesn’t call for any expensive ingredients. (Actually, I probably made it more expensive because I don’t like using margarine.) The original recipe made 3 pies! If I had 3 pie dishes, I’d consider it because he goes through pies so fast. And, most importantly, this one got the highest reviews after the maple pecan. I loved the filling and he loved the end result.

I normally refer you to Food Network for Alton’s pie crust, but this time, I’m reprinting it below with how I make it.

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Five Minute Chocolate Cake

5 Minute Chocolate Cake

Sometimes you want a bit of chocolate cake and don’t want to take the time or the calories to make a full 9″ double- or triple-layer cake. I tend to be very prone to having fits of chocolate cravings so the other evening, I decided I really needed a chocolate fix. Nor did I feel like waiting the three hours for a cake at 10pm at night.

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