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Buckwheat Pumpkin Bread

Buckwheat Pumpkin Bread

The trick was coming up with a recipe that wasn’t too sweet. Many pumpkin breads and banana breads suffer from being tooth-rottingly sweet – I’ve seen recipes call for 3 cups or more of sugar for ONE LOAF. Way, way too sweet. And believe me, if it’s too sweet for me, my husband won’t make it through a bite. Since he’s Latvian, he grew up loving sour foods, not sweet. Most of the commercial and restaurant desserts in America that he’s tried are simply too sweet for him.

After a few revisions, I came up with this recipe which I feel has a good balance between sweet and spicy, with just the right amount of savory nuttiness.

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Farinata (Ligurian Chickpea Flatbread)


I don’t remember now where I came across making a thin batter out of chickpea (garbanzo beans) flour and water then cooking it in an oiled skillet. It was definitely good, however, I thought I’d make it again this week as a substitute for buns for polish dogs.

It didn’t really wrap as well as I imagined but the flavors of the rosemary-infused flatbread meshed well with the caramelized onions, horseradish and mustard topped meat. All’s well that ends well (in a full tummy).

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Maizes zupa (Latvian Bread Soup)

Maizes zupa (Latvian bread soup)

Maizes zupa is a dessert made out of sweetened dark rye bread, dried fruit, water and whipped cream. Something about this cold, thick, sweet soup just captured my heart. I was able to source some traditional dark rye (Borodinsky brand from Brooklyn) available locally for a somewhat reasonable price and tossed a few slices in the freezer for this dessert sometime in the future.

Tonight, it just sounds right. We don’t have any dried apples, but we have fresh that we toasted up in the toaster oven for a while. It’s not the same, but it sure does taste good!

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Panzanella (Tuscan Bread Salad)


Occasionally, I’ll buy a baguette at the store to have with a meal. Sometimes it’s a whim, sometimes I forgot to take a ball of dough out to make my own, sometimes I just don’t feel like baking it myself. The only problem is, there’s always some left over, even after snacks and lunch the next day. It doesn’t take very long for a baguette to go stale unfortunately.

There are a lot of things you can do with stale bread, making bread crumbs is the first that springs to mind for me. But the tastiest I’ve found is panzanella, a Tuscan bread salad.

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Garlic Naan: Broiled and Fried

Stone-baked Garlic NaanNaan

I remember my first experience at an Indian restaurant. A friend of mine had recommended an Indian place a few miles away from where I lived in Mill Creek, so my ex and I traipsed down to have a bite.

Two things really stick out in my mind: the heavenly garlic naan I couldn’t stop eating and a beautiful roasted tomato chutney that completely changed the way I thought of tomatos.

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