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Thanksgiving Day Stuffing

I am not a stuffing person.

I’ve tried StoveTop stuffing and stuffing passed down from on high by the matriarch of a family or two. I’ve tried this stuffing and that stuffing and none of them appealed in the slightest.

I always try stuffings at Thanksgiving and Christmas but it never seems to work out. I’d take a spoonful and be lucky to make it through half. (Usually that half got pressed into some yams to disguise it.)


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Poppy Filled Ring Roll… or something.

Poppy-filled ring loaf

My husband has really taken to baking. He loves it! I’m happy that I was able to introduce him to something he really enjoys and if our area had a baking class, I’d probably get him a term as a birthday present. Sadly, the only ones I’ve found are the community college campus that is almost an hour away, so that will have to wait.

He’s been in a super-baking mood lately, making all sorts of things out of his favorite…

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English Muffin Bread

A Rozentāli Breakfast

Today, I’m continuing the breakfast post from last week with two recipes for English Muffin Bread! This bread is superb, with a lovely, craggy crumb and is just right for pairing with Breakfast Sausage Patties.

We love our English muffins, but the damned things are super-pricey off-sale. What we like best is to fry an egg, a Breakfast Sausage Patty and top our freshly toasted, buttered muffin with them for a Muffinwich.

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Graham Bread

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably saw my comments about a bread I baked that came out beautifully. Today, I’ll share the recipe. :)

The recipe is from an excellent book on breadmaking by James Beard that I found at the local thrift store for $2. (I love thrifting!) As I also mentioned on Twitter, I’m very tempted to work my way through it because so far, everything either my husband and I have tried has come out beautifully.

It looks like a wheat bread like many others — you can’t smell the heavenly wheaty scent that rises from a freshly toasted slice nor taste it with some orange blossom honey drizzled over.

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Easy No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Easy No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

I’ll be the first to admit: I am not much of a baker.

Sandwich bread has been elusive. The crumb would be too dense. The crust, too soft. Sometimes I’d even get a brick. (Good for breadcrumbs anyway.)

And I came across this one. It was a no-knead bread, which has given me problems in the past, but it didn’t call for any extended rising time forgotten in the back of the fridge. In fact, I could make it in about two hours. Now, it doesn’t produce the high-rising form of the kneaded loaves, so you wind up with fairly small slices, but it’s good enough for Sprats and Avocado Sandwiches.

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Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday was my husband and I’s 1st anniversary. We’d been discussing what we should do for a few months, floated the idea of going to our tiny town’s new fancy restaurant, Sostanza, and mused over our options.

In the end, we decided to stay home and cook a multi-course meal of some of our favorite dishes.

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Poppy and Caraway Seed Rolls

Poppy Seed Rolls - Ready for Baking

I hardly ever make rolls and I don’t really have a good reason why. They’re awfully good and a nice complement to most meals. But I always make them for Thanksgiving and other holidays, so maybe I just need to consider any dinner a special occasion.

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