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Today’s Farmer’s Market Haul

My haul from the Tooele market

It was such a great day at the Benson Grist Mill farmer’s market that I just had to share.

We picked up all of this from three sellers – one with eggs, one with melons and one with everything else.

My haul from the Tooele market

For less than $20, we got some fantastic white onions…

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Tortilla Chips, Tostadas and Taco Shells

Homemade Tortilla Chips and Citrusy Black Beans

Last time, I talked about Flour-Corn Tortillas. Once we made those for the first time, it was only a small step to thinking about making our own chips and taco shells. Turns out it’s really easy (but probably not a great summertime recipe since it uses the oven and heats up the kitchen).

The neat thing about doing your own taco shells is that you can do the same thing as with…

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Flour-Corn Tortillas

We’ve tried making corn tortillas at home but it’s really, really hard. Oh sure, the recipe itself is easy – it’s no trouble at all to get a good dough going. The problem, however, is when you try to press them in the tortilla press (which we splurged on when it went on sale at the local Hispanic market). They stick or they crack and on the rare occasion when they don’t do either, they wait and do it in the pan. Or on the plate.

Frustrating. I know it can be done, but I think there’s a lot…

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Deep-Fried Zucchini Flowers

Deep-Fried Zucchini Flowers

My apologies, Dear Reader, as I know I skipped the past week of posts rather unexpectedly. While I did some writing on Monday, particularly on my resume and cover letter for a job I really want, I didn’t have enough energy left to set up my posts for the week. I wish I had because the next day my shoulder decided that it didn’t feel like playing nicely any longer; between the pain in my shoulder and neck and the numb fingers…

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