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Soy-Sunflower Butter

A few weeks ago, we saw a container of soy butter that looked intriguing but the price was exorbitant. It’s pretty easy to make nut butters if you have a food processor, so we figured we’d look around for a recipe before spending the cash.

Turns out, we had everything already in the pantry! We like toasted soy nuts and sunflower seeds on our salads, so we always have some on hand. They’re pretty cheap anyway – $1/lb for the soy nuts and not much more for the seeds.

Literally, this is so easy that all you need…

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Buffalo Burgers

Ahh, summer. It’s too hot to cook inside, especially here, but from what I’ve been hearing, it’s hot just about everywhere. Even our family in Latvia have been hit by some major heat. Me, I’ll be glad when it’s the end of September and temperatures return to something I can deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Still, despite the heat, July is a busy month if you live in Utah. Not only does Utah celebrate Independence Day like the rest of America, but there’s also another excuse for a cookout – Pioneer Day on the 24th. It’s basically the…

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Baked Plantains and Burro Bananas

This recipe is one I decided to try on a whim with some black plantains we’d picked up on special. If you pick out green plantains at the store, you can let them ripen on the counter, but be careful of letting them go too far — if mold develops, you probably need to use them without delay. (The peels are very very thick so a little bit of mold on the surface isn’t a big deal. Just wash it well before you peel it.)

I didn’t like Bittman’s original way of cooking this dessert (which involves cutting slits…

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Peanut-Curry Noodles

After making some Red Curry Paste, I wanted to try it out. I didn’t feel like making my favorite panaeng-style curry, so I tried this recipe from a recent issue of Food Network Magazine. I really like this one – it’s easy and delicious. Plus, as an added bonus, the leftover sauce goes great with naan or pita chips!

Now, the original asks that the dish be served cold – good for these hot summer months – but I found it works great either hot or cold. I like mine with rice stick noodles, though you can substitute…

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Red Curry Paste

In the last post, I alluded to some good news we were celebrating. Here’s the scoop: During the last month, I’ve been working on my senior project for my bachelor’s degree. Last week, I turned it in and on Saturday, I received my evaluation notice. I passed with flying colors! As of now, I have my Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting!

It’s really good to be able to get back to writing about food and recipes now that the project is done. I have a bunch of recipes set by to share with you!

The little jars of…

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Grocery Challenge – End of Week 4

We stopped by Macey’s Thursday night to buy some little things – some apples, because no one had good fruit on Monday, a handful of shallots to make veggie bouillon and chicken stock, plus a quart of plain yogurt because it was on sale and it just sounded good. Plus, I was having cookie cravings and I remembered this recipe I wanted to try that needed yogurt.

We spent: $6.42
Remaining budget: $9.73

We didn’t really intend to come in so far under budget. It just worked out that way. Unless something comes up tomorrow, it looks like…

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Grocery Challenge – Beginning of Week 4

Finally, it’s the last week of the Grocery Challenge. We went shopping yesterday, mainly because I needed to go renew some library books before they were overdue today. It means we missed the sales, but it’s a small price to pay.

Surprisingly, we didn’t buy all that much. We weren’t able to get much in the way of fruit for breakfasts, save for one cantaloupe, so I think there’ll be another shopping trip later this week. Onions are finally coming down in price, so I have hopes for repeats of last fall’s 25c/lb onion crops. I hate paying $1.50+…

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