Grocery Challenge – End of Week 1

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Phew! We reached the end of the first week!

Friday, we went into Salt Lake for an appointment and decided to grab lunch at one of our favorite spots – Jason’s Deli. I’d won a $20 gift card in a trivia challenge from @jasonsdeli a few weeks ago and saved it for the next time we were up that way. We stopped at Target and bought some water for the drive home (plus some coffee, since I had a decent coupon.)

We Spent: $4.79
Remaining Budget: $8.13

Breakfast: Crepes with homemade preserves, turkey bacon and apple
Lunch: Jason’s Deli
Dinner: Chicken pizza with cabbage-carrot-black bean salad
Saturday, we knew we had a bit left in our budget and Walmart had nice looking leeks, so we picked them up and a few other things we were out of like garlic and sour cream.

Breakfast: Hash browns, fried egg, turkey bacon and apple
Lunch: Pildīta pankūkas (vegetarian filled crepes), leftover salad
Dinner: Dinner with Dad at Costa Vida

And the first week’s result: We came in under-budget!

We Spent: $5.49
Remaining Budget: $2.64

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