Grocery Challenge – Days 4 & 5

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Hopefully this series isn’t bugging the hell out of you, my regular readers.

So far, my thoughts on this challenge is that right now, it’s easy. We’re doing our regular shopping, trying to avoid impulse shopping, and keeping a closer eye on things. I do not expect it to be so easy much longer.

Yesterday was our Jāņi, or Latvian Summer Solstice, celebration. We made Jāņu siers Tuesday night and found what we had thought was a good pepper had gone bad. :( Plus, we’d forgotten to get buttermilk for the cheese! (Right now, there isn’t any kefir in production for no real reason.) So, we trekked to Walmart for some jalapenos and buttermilk late Tuesday night.

We’ve Spent: $3.43
Budget Remaining: $12.92

We also picked up a half-gallon of Tropicana orange juice free with a coupon I received from some instant codes.

Menu for June 22 – 23
Breakfast: Omelet, apple, sausage patty and fried egg
Lunch: Fried rice
Dinner: Spicy chicken šašliks, cranberry-chile pork šašliks, jalapeno Jāņu siers, boiled and fried potatoes with rosemary, šķovēti kāposti, lots of beer and cider
Breakfast: Scottish oatmeal with fresh preserves and milk, hard-boiled egg, sausage patty, apple
Lunch: Cochinita Pibil over whole wheat pasta, carrot-cauliflower-cabbage salad
Dinner: Chef Salad with baking powder biscuits

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