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Happy Easter! Or, How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Last year, my husband introduced me to naturally dyeing Easter eggs using onion skins, some of which can be seen in yesterday’s photo post. I was rather curious as to how they would come out because I grew up dyeing eggs with the Paas kit like many Americans.

To my surprise, they came out beautifully: dark browns and reds, swirled and mottled where the skins had pressed or decorated with tiny imprints of leaves and flowers picked from our yard.

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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

Today we’re busy dyeing Easter eggs with the onion skins we’ve collected all year and small flowers from our yard that survived the snow this week. They may not be the bright jewel-tones of the Paas eggs I grew up with, instead they’re lovely and elegant.

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Steamed Siu Mai Dumplings

Steamed Siu Mai Dumplings

I’ve been having some cravings for dim sum lately and came across a recipe for siu mai in the April issue of Cooking Light that looked inspirational. I wanted to try the cabbage/apple mixture, since I’m a fan of that in salad form and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was a great mix. You can’t really taste the apple, it only gives some pleasant texture and rounds out the flavors nicely.

These are easily converted for vegetarians and vegans, simply use tofu or edamame for the protein. I opted for chicken because I already had some cooked chicken on hand, but any kind of flavorful protein works well here.

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